Bocage Kennels

"Home from Home" Boarding....

Les Chenils du Bocage
25 route de l`airou 50800 cherence le heron

A Typical Day!.........................

7.30am Starts with the dogs let out for toilet duties - Followed by Breakfast. The Kennels are then Cleaned.
9.00 Is Exercise /Playtime/ Agility Fun – depending on the weather, type of dog and their needs.   During the morning the dogs are turned-out, so to relax in the outdoor areas, and enjoy the daylight hours (weather permitting)
12noon All the dogs are checked over and let out for toilet duties. 

Lead-walks down the lane are also done at this time. 
5pm The Dogs are Fed and exercised in the Big 2 Acre Field
10pm All Out for Final Toilet Duties. Water changed & the dogs are given a Treat and fuss. Lights Out.


Nb When safe to do so dogs are walked and allowed to play with others, to help make their stay more fun and enjoyable, and of course to improve their social skills

25 Route De L'Airou
50800 Cherence le Heron, Normandy
06 82 75 14 61
ou en Francais 06 10 63 41 04
Drop off times  2-4pm
Collection times 10-12noon


Groomer & Photographer

Please Call 06 82 75 14 61

for A RDV.


   The Entrance Area to Bocage Kennels 

All dogs cared for like our own”

Needs tailored for as individual as your dog is

Spacious Heated Kennels with baskets and raised beds covered in “Vet- bedding”.

4 Turnout Areas/Paddocks, 1 hard standing area including Agility Kit. 2 Grass paddocks directly off the kennels and A Large 2 acre Field for extensive exercise and play.

Lead- walks on request directly onto Green lanes.

Wash down/Shower Area.

Special requirements met at no extra charge


Each Dog Cared For






Here at Bocage Kennels we offer Home from Home Boarding with 3 safe and immediate Turn-Out paddocks  with an Agility Kit paddling pool and an array of toys.  In addition there is a large 2acre paddock where the dogs can run, play, dig and just enjoy being dogs. 
Prices / Tariffs

1 dog per night / chien par nuit 15e

2 dogs per night / chiens par nuit 25e

3 dogs per night / chiens par nuit 35e

4 or more dogs please ask for a rate /
Pour 4 plus contactez-nous

Daily Dog Care 15e per day / Aide Chien par jour 15e

Special rates for long term boarding .
25 route de l'airou, cherence le heron

We pride ourselves on catering for every dog’s needs, and because of all the rescuing and rehab` we do, we know a lot of dogs struggle with leaving their family and staying in a kennel environment.  For this reason we offer a "Special Needs" package, whereby dogs can either come in the house or have a separate and quieter kennel to help their stay easier.  Their daily routine is structured to suit them and their individual needs.  
Please ask for further details. 0682751461