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Dog Rescue Home & Away

I usually always have at least 2 dogs available for Adoption.  These dogs will have been abandoned or mistreated and saved from unsuitable homes, bad situations or refuges where they end up on kill-lists.

They are Vaccinated, Microchipped & sterilised.

Quality Time is spent with these dogs to get them familiar with other animals and living in a home environment. And of course learning to trust humans again. Please call me for a chat if youre interested in taking on a new member of your family 
Home Checks are required and follow up visits made:-
AVAILABLE For Adoption.....
Zak - Belgian Shepherd 3yo  - out on trial/foster
BALOU - *now adopted*
MORGAN - now adopted
THELMA & LOUISE  now adopted
coming soon ... Nelson 4yo male labby. Gala 8yo yellow labby X. A Senior male labby, And 3, 1yo mixed breed medium sized dogs
                    PLEASE CONTACT ME to chat about these dogs and any that are due in 
                                         06 82 75 14 61